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Welcome to the 2015 Alcor Cryonics Conference Video & DVD ordering portal.

Here you will be able to purchase the viewing of the 2015 Alcor Conference with 13 dynamic cryonics-based speakers by some of the most talented presenters on the subject.

We have made it easy and affordable for members, associates, and family members who missed our last conference to view the majority of the featured speakers that presented at the 2015 Alcor Cryonics Conference. This year’s cryonics conference was held at the Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center in Scottsdale, Arizona in October of 2015. If you missed it then…now is your chance to experience it again!

There are 13 high definition conference videos of the conference offered on this special viewing and ordering portal as well as a special conference DVD with over 5.3 hours of the exact content found online.

Both are now available for a very attractive price that almost everyone can afford.

The 2015 Alcor Cryonics Conference was an exciting, highly informational, 2 day event and was considered by those who attended to be a great success. We would, again, like to thank all those that support Alcor, cryonics and support our conference efforts. It’s because of your continued support that Alcor has continued its growth and great forward momentum over the last 4 decades.

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You will have 3 payment / viewing options available to you and all options include over 5.3 hours of dynamic cryonics material, discussion panels and presentations by some of cryonics best and brightest from the 2015 Alcor Cryonics Conference.

Ordering & Viewing Options

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Here are the featured cryonics speakers you will receive in your package options below!

2015 Alcor Cryonics Conference Speaker List

  • Jim Lane Mayor of Scottsdale: Opening Address – TRT 11:26*
  • Natasha Vita-More Memory Preservation of Nematodes Throughout Vitrification – TRT 21:32
  • Steve Graber Alcor’s Neuropatient CT Scanning Project – TRT 18:40
  • Fahy / Graber / Vita-More  Research Questions & Answers – TRT 18:33
  • Steve Harris Dying is Easy: Rapid cooling is hard – TRT 19:49
  • Chana Phaedra Recent Advances at Advanced Neural Biosciences – TRT 14:32
  • Robert McIntyre Aldehyde-Stabilized Cryopreservation – TRT 37:14
  • Aschwin De Wolf Alcor’s new book, Preserving Minds, Saving Lives TRT 7:04
  • De Wolf / More / Fahy Riding the Mainstream to Reversible Medical Biostasis – TRT 33:25
  • Mark Voelker Using High Pressure to Avoid Ice Formation – TRT 16:13
  • Bird / Baldwin / Gaspar / Drake How Cryonics Organizations work with Hospitals and Hospices – TRT 52:56
  • Maximus Peto Novel Age-Reversal Human Clinical Study – TRT 06:31
  • Michael West Engineering Cellular Immortality: Implications for Aging & Regenerative Medicine – TRT 62:34 

        *TRT=Total Running Time


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